Free PayPal Money: How To Get Free Money Online In 2019

all through life, people have said that there is really nothing free in life, so you might be reading this wondering how exactly is it possible for you to get free money online? The truth is if you actually take the time to search, it is possible to get free money, as there are quite a plethora of companies and brands looking to dash out a bit of money. You might wonder why they would do this?

It is because companies understand that in today’s world it is necessary to ensure that their customers, that means you, are kept happy, or you might jump ship and head over to a different service. They do not want to lose your business.  All of this is done because they want to leave a lasting, positive impression on you.

However, you must be aware that just because it is free money does not mean you wouldn’t have to do anything for it. There are a couple methods that simply require you to set up or register an account to earn money, and there are others that require you to put in a little bit of effort. Everyone wishes cash would just magically appear in front of them, but this isn’t how life works.

Enough of that philosophical debate, let’s get to introducing the numerous ways you can earn money online in 2019


This is another site that offers to give you money for simply completing all types of tasks. These tasks could be: watching tv, answering surveys, playing games, reading emails, shopping and more. You get an automatic $5 bonus simply for signing up to the site.


You can earn money simply by signing up. It is possible that the name Swagbucks has been mentioned around you once or twice, well if it hasn’t you should know that it is one of the most prevalent and loved Get paid to or GTP websites available.

This site is amazing in the sense that you get paid to shop, answer surveys, watch videos, fill polls, search the internet, play games and more. the site offers numerous opportunities for you to earn money and you don’t have to have a category forced on you. You simply select and do something that you like to earn money. Signing up gives you a $5 bonus which can be sent to your PayPal.


This is a popular site that has actually been in existence since the 1990s, 1996 to be exact, and since that time more than $236 million has bee paid to registered users. If you are interested in getting your share, you should know that you will be asked to answer surveys, watch videos, shop, play games, read emails and fill polls. You actually get a sign no bonus worth $5, all you have to do is fill 5 surveys out and you not only get your sign on bonus, but payment for those surveys as well.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a site that has actually been in existence since 2005 & at this point more than $5 million has been paid to registered members. It is actually one of the most sought after survey sites, simply because you are able to earn almost $50 for each survey you take.

Asides that, there are numerous ways for you to earn more money; you can read emails, watch videos, refer your friends, take pictures of payments. You even get a sign on bonus of $2 once you complete a tutorial survey which lasts just 2 minutes.


PaidViewPoint is a site that offers you free PayPal money for simply filling out surveys. These surveys typically last anything from 5 minutes to 10 minutes and they are usually in multiple choice format. If you would like to make more money, all you have to do is fill out more surveys. You also get a signup bonus fee of $1.


FusionCash is a site that has also been in existence since 2005. There are numerous ways to earn free PayPal money on this site. You can engage in surveys, videos, games, tasks, forum posting and much more to earn money. Another added bonus, is that once you sign up you actually get $5 free!! Now who wouldn’t love that.

Treasure Trooper 

This is a survey site with a difference. It has a different theme and vibe to it compared to others. It is a bit comical, but one thing that is not comical is the bonuses and money tit gives out. At this point more than $7 million has been given to registered members. You can earn an easy $5 by simply signing up.


BeFrugal can be likened to another site that offers you money in this way, Ebates. When I say in this way, I mean getting cashback at numerous online stores by simply shopping. Imagine earning money for doing something that most of us love doing already. You should know that you actually get a decent $10 sign on bonus when you register on BeFrugal. You also get numerous unique coupons to use on the site, ensuring that you not only earn money while you shop, but you also save too.


If you are interested in getting free PayPal money then you should pay attention to Qmee. While it might only have a tiny signup, bonus compared to other sites, you can make quite a lot of money if you make use of the site. Just imagine, this site offers to give you money for simply filling surveys and searching the internet.

A great thing about this site is that there isn’t a minimum pay-out. This means you are able to get your money when you want and need it. It is a wonderful method to earn money considering you don’t really have to change your habits. You should know that as stated earlier, its sign on fee is a paltry 50 cents, but you can make way more than that when you use the site.

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