Top 18 New Paid Online Survey Sites In 2019: Get Paid To Take Survey

Like many of you, I am always on the lookout for ways to earn a little extra money and being a stay-at-home Dad, and I was looking for something I could do from home. I started my internet research approximately 1 1/2 years ago. The information I found along the way was exciting, encouraging.

What Does a Survey Company Do

Survey companies are hired by other companies to prepare paid surveys for new products or television ads before they share them with the masses. Depending on the survey company, in a typical day, you could watch a movie preview, read about a new cereal, share your opinions about cell phones, or watch a video about current affairs.

How Do You Get Paid

Survey companies pay in a variety of ways. Some will give you points for each survey that you complete that may be redeemed for cash, merchandise, or entries into giveaways. Some companies will pay you directly when you have reached a pre-set amount of banked money.

Still others only give you chances to enter giveaways. Knowing ahead of time what each company offers will help you to make an informed decision on which ones to sign up with. A bonus to participating in surveys is that many times companies want you to try their new products, so you will receive free items in the mail to test and give your feedback, In recent months I have tested shoes, gum, deodorant, toilet paper, make-up, perfume, frozen food, and dog food.

How Much Time Will This Take

That really depends on you. I have personally signed up with over 40 survey companies. All of the companies will e-mail you when there is a survey available. Some companies will send you multiple surveys a day while others might send you one once a month. Many of the companies will tell you ahead of time how long they estimate the study will take to complete. I find that most of the time, it does not make me as long as the estimate to complete the survey. The more time you have to invest in taking surveys, the more rewards you will receive.

Top 18 New Paid Online Survey Sites In 2019

When you visit the Free Paid Survey site, make sure you go to the paid survey info and tips page. There is plenty of excellent information about paid online surveys, with useful tips to help you get started participating in paid surveys and more. When you visit the “What’s New” page, you will see the newest free paid survey sites.However below are 18 new paid survey sites in 2019.

1. ACOP: The American Consumer Opinion Panel, is based in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas, and owned by Decision Analyst, Inc. ACOP operates worldwide and accepts members outside the US.

2. Click IQ: Become an e/visor and share your opinions on a variety of topics by filling out online surveys, reviewing new products, and previewing products yet to be introduced to the market.

3. E-Poll: On this site, you will be making your opinions known by taking interactive surveys. You will earn reward points for your participation.

4. Global Test Market: Owned by Global Market Insight, Inc. They feature free paid survey opportunities every month and accept members from all over the world.

5. Greenfield Online Surveys: This site will pay you to fill out free online surveys, and is easy to join. You will be compensated in PayPal cash, Napster music, or Buy .com gift certificates.

6. Harris Poll Online: This company is one of the most respected polls in the US. Participation in the Harris Poll online will allow you to influence essential government decisions, decisions for non-profit organizations, and so much more.

7. IPSOS I-say: Will allow you to give your opinion and win prizes of cash and merchandise, by filling out online market surveys.

8. ItPaysToLearn: Thousands of quizzes on many subjects, on three difficulty levels, are available for you to take for fun and benefits. There are other ways to earn cash on the website.

9. LightSpeed: This site will accept members from the US and Canada. There is also a division available to those in Australia (see the next directory).

10. National Family Opinion: Started out offering telephone and mail surveys. They now use the internet to conduct paid surveys.

11. NPDOR: Make your opinions count by participating in surveys from this company.

12. Opinion Site: Voice your opinion and win cash prizes.

13. Survey Savvy: Owned by Luth Research, this site has over 3 million members in their paid online survey site. Their members are from over 190 countries, and they say they have paid out more money than any other survey site.

14. Survey Spot: This research panel offers rewards and prizes to fill out online surveys.

15. Survey Spree: Offers a chance at $2500 by participating in online surveys.

16. Synovate: Help shape the future of services and products by joining this site. Take surveys and test products to make your opinions count.

17. Testspin: You will be eligible to earn up to $600 toward merchandise on Amazon .Com. You can test new products, videos, music, and more. You will receive up to $4 per survey, and there are other ways to make money on this site.

18. Your 2 Cents: This site features surveys from leading retailers, restaurants, manufacturers, and more.

Do You Need To Pay Any Anything To Get Started?

Never. If you come across a survey company that is asking you for money, stay clear. Legitimate companies need you and are willing to pay you for your time.

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